Issue #1April 2014 
Welcome to the first edition of the ISO Edge Newsletter. Our goal is to keep you informed in the quickly evolving field of International Standards.


Change is the buzzword of this issue. Upcoming revisions to International Management Standards will force almost all users to embrace new directions.  I believe the timing couldn't be better.   


I have witnessed an alarming drop in interest among companies in their management systems.  While the people in charge of the systems may be committed, they have become isolated from those who lead the company.  The pending revisions create an opportunity to re-engage the company leadership.  If an organization wants their management systems to work for them, then change is not optional, it is inevitable.


At the ISO Edge we have been proponents of using risk to guide and manage systems.  Integration of risk management tools into our client's systems is our standard protocol.  We look forward to supporting you as "agents of change" as the revisions to the Standards reach their final stages.


Now is the ideal time to begin the discussion with Leadership.  Presenting the coming changes as a change for the better could reignite their engagement.

What Stage Is ISO 9001 At?

Quality Management Systems


Risk Diagram

We are happy to say that ISO 9001 is proceeding at the Committee Draft (CD) stage.  Many of us have been following the development of ISO 9001. CD is the second step of a 5-step process of revision.



ISO 9001 is scheduled to be released in September 2015. Here is the timeline:



ISO 9001 will probably undergo extensive changes before reaching the Final Draft (FDIS) stage. When ISO 9001 reaches the FDIS, it is likely close to the final version.


To learn more about the Committee Draft stage and the revision process for ISO Standards, please click to download.


September 2015 will mark the beginning of a 3-year transition for current users of ISO 9001.  ISO/TC176 has detailed the revision process in 2 presentations.  Click here to download the presentation documents.

Changes to ISO 14001 Are Now Under Way!
Environmental Management Systems


ISO 14001 is finally undergoing its first revision since 2004. The Technical Committee (TC) 207, which is responsible for its development, has submitted 25 recommendations.  Some key changes include:


  1. Strategic Environmental Management - linking environment to strategic business planning
  2. Leadership - promotion of environmental management within the organization
  3. Protecting the Environment -initiatives such as use of sustainable resources; climate change mitigation and adaptation
  4. Environmental performance - shifting from improvement of the EMS to improvement in environmental performance
  5. Lifecycle thinking - extending control and/or influence to the environmental impacts associated with product use and end-of-life treatment or disposal


Please click to download a copy of the official requirements with guidance to use.


The timeline for the revisions to ISO 14001:




The Latest News About OHSAS 18001 

Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems


Hard Hat

In October 2013, the ISO Project Committee (PC) 283 Working Group 1 (WG1) was established. Their mandate was to develop a standard on occupational health and safety management systems with "requirements with guidance for use." 


We are happy to tell you that PC 283 is currently at stage 10.99 with a new project approved.  The new project is ISO/NP 45001 - OH&S Management Systems -- Requirements, the first International OH&S Management System Standard which will be based upon the British Standard OHSAS 18001:2007.


If you are currently certified or have implemented OHSAS 18001, there will likely be no other pending changes apart from ISP/NP 45001.


Please click to download "ISO Gives the Thumbs Up" for more information about this exciting development.

Latest News From The IATF: ISO/TS 16949 & More

Automotive Management Systems


Automotive Assembly Plant

Last year, the IATF released the 4th Edition Rules for ISO/TS 16949, which outlines the requirements for achieving and maintaining IATF recognition. These revised rules came into effect on April 1, 2014. The updated sections include Sanctioned Interpretations (SI) and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), in addition to requirements that will provide a better correlation between a supplier's actual performance and their TS Certification status.


The new requirements directly affect your ISO/TS 16949 certification. It is extremely important to have a copy of the latest edition before your next audit.


The IATF has not disclosed its plans for TS 16949 in regards to ISO 9001. However, we have heard that the IATF will rely on the current version of ISO 9001, rather than upgrade to ISO 9001:2015 when released, provided that they can receive permission from the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).


As well, the IATF is working on a new standard for sub-tier suppliers. This standard will supplement ISO 9001 requirements.  It is not clear at this point if this standard will be a "mini-TS 16949" or something altogether different.


Meanwhile, the IATF has established a CS Harmonization sub-team. This committee will review all OEM Customer Specific Requirements and look for common elements. The intention is to create a cross-reference document to be published with the next release of TS 16949. This development shows the IATF is responding to feedback from the supply chain and CBs. We hope this is the beginning of a harmonization of CS numbering and common content.

In Focus
Lari Dakin


Lari is a veteran auditor and invaluable member of the ISO Edge team. For over 15 years, Lari has provided environmental, health & safety and quality auditing and training services for an international registrar. He has a host of certifications: Registered Lead Auditor of Quality under the IRCA scheme and EMS Lead Auditor. He was one of the first Certified Environmental Auditors in Canada, both under ECO Canada Certifications and one of the first Certified Health & Safety Management Systems Auditors in Canada under the Auditing Association of Canada (AAC).


Lari has guided a wide range of clients through implementation of management systems to International Standards. But Lari has more than technical know-how. He provides hands-on direction and coaching. Time and again, clients have told us how much they enjoy working with Lari. Here's what Bill Love of UltraFit Manufacturing, a regular auditing client of ISO Edge, has to say:


"... the overwhelming opinion from our people was - 'we wish all auditors were like [Lari]'...

I have to say personally, I feel like audit days with [Lari] are a nice vacation from my 'day job' - they are the two days of the year that I actually learn something. So thanks."


To contact Lari, call (416) 223-1508 or email

The ISO Edge's mission is to inspire, educate, and enable leadership to achieve the strategic initiatives within their organizations through the implementation, improvement and integration of management systems.




Lisa Velanoff
The ISO Edge Ltd.
(416) 223-1508
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