SPC Training

Who is the module for? How long will the module take? What are the objectives of the module?
  • Process Engineers
  • Quality Engineers
  • Supplier Quality Engineers
  • Q.C. / Q.A. Technicians
  • Quality Managers
  • Production Managers
8 hours
  1. To simulate potential process weaknesses or lack of capability
  2. To meet Customer Specific Requirements for launch and on-going production activities
  3. To demonstrate core competencies of multi-disciplinary design team for product launch and on-going production activities
  4. To meet competency requirements to conduct Supplier Quality Audits
  5. To prepare for taking Core Tool Assessment Exam

What is SPC Training?

SPC stands for statistical process control, and involves the use of mathematical and statistical methods in order to devise the best way to manage the various processes that any given organization is likely to use in the day-to-day management of their activities. SPC training is an absolute must if you’re looking to achieve the highest degree of process improvement in your organization as a whole, and it’s among the most effective of innovations that have been developed specifically to help organizations streamline their activities.

SPC is required by the automotive industry, but many suppliers only use it in a few specific circumstances. No matter how your group could benefit from the principles of SPC being adopted, we’ll be able to train you to integrate the particular use that you need. By engaging in our SPC training course, you can equip your organization with the proven best practices for ensuring ease of development and fluidity of operation. Your employees able to identify potential problems and troubleshoot them, before they ever do you business any harm. With years of experience in the industry and a multi-module training program, we’re the most reliable choice for SPC training in Canada, and have the pedigree and list of satisfied clients to back up that claim.

How does SPC Training work in Canada?

SPC training can take a variety of forms within Canada, with each method coming with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. A common mistake companies make when they’re training their employees is over-spending for the amount of educational return they get. For us, that’s not an option. The usual cause of this issue is that there aren’t solid ways put in place for the employees who have been trained to put their new knowledge to work when they get back to their usual tasks. In order to avoid this, we take time to ensure that anything your employees learn while undergoing our SPC training services is going to take the form of skills that they’ll know exactly where and when to apply, in order to maximize production output and to keep unnecessary expenditure and wastage of capital to an absolute minimum.

Part of what makes SPC-trained employees such an asset to any business is the versatility they’ll develop during the course. Because the area of SPC is itself varied and diverse, they’ll be learning a number of skills, applicable in a multitude of areas. Another sign that the training is beneficial to an automotive organization is how many disparate specialties can learn from the program: it can be of use to both engineers and management-level workers.

Our SPC training course takes place during one day in our overarching APQP training program. Commanding eight hours, it’s among the most in-depth modules we offer. It’s possible to sign up your employees for just the SPC training course, or for that course and a few other modules as well—it all depends on what would be best for your company. The flexibility we offer in that regard sets us apart from the crowd when it comes to QMS-related services. All of the statistical process improvement measures we’ll train your employees on have been proven to work—but because we don’t expect you to take that on faith, we’d be happy to explain anything that remains elusive.

Leading Canadian SPC Training Group

The more spread-out and involved certain processes get, the harder it is to optimize them in order to be successful at the goals your organization has set for itself. We’re sure you’re all too familiar with processes that become drawn-out and distended. Authority figures not having specific enough direction, chains of command that spiral rather than proceed in straight lines, and clunky internal informational infrastructure are all factors that can contribute to slowing down the way your organization works and making achieving success much more difficult than it needs to be.

That’s why a problem-solving approach, such as the one we teach in our course, can be such a boost to any organization’s overall process management. As one of Canada’s leading SPC training groups, we take pride in our work and consider it a personal challenge to train every employee who comes on board with us to the very highest standards. Our main goal is to equip any organization who takes advantage of our SPC training services with employees who will be able to help out with process design, development, improvement, capacity, and capability, as well as problem solving on a number of different levels.

Why Choose The ISO Edge For SPC Training?

Given that the concept of SPC is based around the development and application of advanced statistical models, a high-level comprehension of the mathematics involved is central to any successful SPC training strategy—indeed, it can’t happen without it. As such, a thorough understanding of what’s going on at every step of the journey is fundamental, and that’s where The ISO Edge really shines. As one of the most knowledgeable SPC training firms in the country, we’ve been forced to learn the entire process from back to front, and we enjoy practicing what we preach. When it comes to the ISO Edge SPC training model, we’ve put time into streamlining our own instruction process, so that the potential benefits for your organization can be realized soon after your employees return from the course.

SPC Consulting

In addition to our SPC training course, we also offer SPC services on a consulting model. This is often a good option for organizations who don’t need long-term help with a more skilled workforce so much as they need immediate help with a current problem. No matter which aspect of SPC knowledge you need, we’re on-hand to analyze your current issue, present a solution, and then instruct you on how to implement that solution.

We don’t believe in burying information under mountains of jargon, which is why we’d be happy to explain any confusion at any stage of our SPC consulting work. Even if you’re not sure whether or not you need SPC consulting, feel free to reach out to us and we’ll take a look at your current situation and recommend the best way forward.

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