How We Serve the Construction Sector

The services we can offer to support companies in the construction industry fall under four main headings: Consulting, Auditing, Training, and Workshops. Below, you’ll be able to find out more about exactly which specific services we offer for each of those categories.

You’ll also be able to find out about how we support construction companies creating new projects for Ontario’s infrastructure. Infrastructure Ontario, the regulating authority in the area, has very specific guidelines with regards to quality and quality management systems which must be complied with. We offer consulting, training, and auditing services for I.O. guideline compliance, designed to help make the process of developing, evaluating, and improving your quality management systems as smooth as possible.

Infrastructure Ontario Projects

Infrastructure Ontario is the regulatory body who impose guidelines for the design and implementation of quality management systems for construction companies handling projects in that area. There are three main ways we can help your organization conform with these guidelines—consulting, training, and auditing.

Our construction ISO consultants possess all of the necessary skills required to help any Infrastructure Ontario project meet all of the relevant quality guidelines. We support the development of management systems, quality management plans, and processes, effectively allowing your company to out-source a large amount of work, saving you time, energy, and capital.

By training some of your business’s influential employees on those same guidelines for quality and quality management systems as laid out by Infrastructure Ontario, we can promise a long-term benefit to the way you design, develop, and deploy management plans.

Finally, we’re licensed to serve as Independent Quality Auditors as well as External Quality Auditors. This is the best option if what your group needs is a thorough understanding of how you’re currently handling your quality and quality management systems with regards to I.O.’s requirements.
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Quality Construction Consultants

Quality construction consulting is a must if you want to be able to keep pace with the way the construction industry has been evolving in recent years. It can be best described as a means of further refining the way different departments within your organization work together to achieve solid, company-wide and project specific goals, and takes place in a few different phases, which our construction ISO consultants will guide you through one at a time, should you come on board with our market-leading quality construction consulting service. By taking advantage of cutting-edge developments in business streamlining strategy, we can help whittle down your business procedural processes to the efficient minimum needed to function at the optimal level.

The first stage of our quality construction consulting service happens as a result of close collaboration between our construction ISO consultants and your organization’s leadership. It is essentially a way to conduct a thorough analysis of your business’s daily operations as they currently work, with a highlight on not brushing any potential issues under the rug but instead highlighting them and coming up with intuitive, sustainable ways to improve them during the next few stages, each of which include detailed planning and creative concept work, as well as practical solutions to any problems which are already evident in your organization’s workflow, as well as problems which we have identified might well arise in the future owing to procedural deficits in your business’s fabrication and installation or sub-contractor pipeline.
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Quality Systems Consultants

No system’s quality can be adequately accounted for and planned around without a detailed assessment carried out by specialized quality systems consultants. By understanding the relevant ISO documents—which are famously technical and difficult to penetrate—as thoroughly as possible, our highly experienced team of construction ISO consultants can guide your organization as to which systems need improvement and which need to be completely re-worked. Sustainability is at the heart of our ethos, and we carry that mentality through to every system we handle, guaranteeing that any process or procedure we work on will be able to function sustainably in the present and adapt to any future demands, on account of the robustness and flexibility we build into our evaluations.

It’s too much to ask of your organization to put in the same amount of time on radically over-hauling any given system’s quality as you put into running the business as a whole, which is where our quality systems consulting service comes in. In offering the help of our construction ISO consultants, we essentially make a promise to every organization who comes on board with us that all of the factors they simply can’t evaluate will be thoroughly taken care of, allowing that same organization to focus on the more high-level details of running the company and projects.
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Auditing (Quality Systems Assessor)

Our auditing services are an effective way of taking a good look at how your current quality and quality management systems are implemented. With years of experience in the area, we have honed our auditing process to a fine art, which allows us to cut out unnecessary wastage of time and money by focusing on a top-down approach to our audits.
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The training services we provide span a range of applications, and are a good way to essentially increase the value of your current workforce, by expanding their skillset and ensuring that they’re up to speed on the nitty-gritty details of what it means to be compliant with all of the regulations and conforming to industry-standard guidelines within the construction industry.

Our training schemes are largely focused on the theoretical aspects of the area, and as a result comprise mostly in-class education on techniques and skills. However, with so much of the relevant information available online, we’re also working on developing online training courses. As a matter of fact, the construction industry is the only one for which we’re developing online training mechanisms.
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In comparison to the training courses, which are class-heavy and technique-based, our workshops are more about getting different teams to engage in collaboration with each other. They can be thought of as somewhat more practical, and employ a number of different strategies and methods to encourage teamwork and group problem-solving, both of which are vitally important aspects of any inter-departmental collaboration in the construction industry.

Health & Safety Management Systems Consulting

Health & Safety Management Systems serve two main purposes in any construction industry organization. Firstly, ensuring that your organization has the proper Health & Safety Management Systems in place not only guarantees that your employees can remain safe from workplace injuries, therefore protecting you against any personal injury claims. It also ensures that your organization will be compliant with industry-specific regulations. If your organization does not have the most up to date Health & Safety Management Systems in place, you risk facing enormous fines.

Various levels of government have different safety regulations. This is also true across a variety of different construction industries. Due to this, it can be difficult to discern exactly what Health & Safety Management Systems you need to have in place. At The ISO Edge, we make this process much easier for you through our Health & Safety Management Systems consulting services. We can help ensure that you and your organization are complying with the regulations as well as Health & Safety Management System requirements as laid out in the ISO 45001 Standard.

If you are in need of Health & Safety Management Systems consulting services, don’t hesitate to contact us today.
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