PPAP Training

Who is the module for? How long will the module take? What are the objectives of the module?
  • Project Manager
  • Production Manager
  • Purchasing Manager
  • Materials Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • Q.C. / Q.A. Technicians
  • Process Engineer
  • Quality Engineer
  • Product Design Engineer
  • Supplier Quality Engineer
4 hours
  1. To meet Customer Specific Requirements for launch and on-going production activities
  2. To meet product design skill requirements within IATF 16949
  3. To demonstrate core competencies of multi-disciplinary design team for product launch
  4. To meet competency requirements to conduct Supplier Quality Audits
  5. To prepare for taking Core Tool Assessment Exam

What is PPAP Training?

Business has always been a relationship game. It doesn’t matter how good your product is, nor how unique your service—if you can’t manage to make and maintain business friendships, you’re simply not going to be successful in your industry. When it comes to today’s fast-changing business landscape, ensuring confidence between the various elements that make up your product’s creation pipeline is absolutely vital. That’s where PPAP comes in.

Production Part Approval Process is a means of ensuring that mutual good faith is maintained between the companies who handle the construction of the components that make up any given product and the production process which turns that same product into a marketable final item. PPAP training is a way to train an organization in the myriad procedures, protocols, and processes (the three Ps) that will allow them to keep a consistently high standard of work throughout everything they create.

How does PPAP Training work in Canada?

Outsourcing work for manufacturing component parts of products has evolved from being a novelty. In today’s world, it’s practically a given. There are few companies indeed who continue to manufacture their own component parts, especially when outsourced labour is several orders of magnitude cheaper than keeping it in-house, as it were, in the country where the enterprise is based. As outsourcing has grown more popular, the size of orders has similarly trended upwards, since bulk work comes with a discount and since these component parts need to be manufactured in such colossal quantities.

If your organization is familiar with PPAP techniques, they’ll be able to improve communication, reduce the frequency of post-release fixes, and maintain a reliable standard of quality throughout all of the various firms they have contracted in order to manufacture their component parts. Nowhere are the benefits of PPAP more readily noticeable than in the automotive industry, where component parts make up the bread and butter of what every automotive company is offering.

How We Give You The Edge In PPAP Training

The PPAP training scheme offered by The ISO Edge includes a detailed examination of the organization in question, in order to familiarize ourselves with its inner workings as well as the overall process flow from design through to manufacture. There are 18 elements that make up PPAP, spanning topics as diverse as design documentation, process failure mode and effects analysis (PFMEA), a control plan, and documentation required to note changes made in any engineering protocols.

In fact, PPAP is so extensive that many organizations would rather not engage with it at all, given that the significant likelihood for error is increased still further by the necessity of coordinating so many different aspects of a business so that they work in harmony with each other. That would be a mistake, however; a much better option is to pursue a PPAP qualification course so that your specific business needs can be examined, analyzed, and eventually improved, all while instructing you about every step that is being taken along the way.

The PPAP submission process is a complicated procedure, which requires a cohesive collection of vital elements from disparate aspects of the business, each of which demand large amounts of concentration and effort, since any errors made during the collection stage can have a knock-on effect throughout the overall endeavour, which in turn can cause valuable resources such as time, capital, and morale to take a hit.

Given our position as Canada’s leading PPAP training organization, it’s no surprise that we know exactly where most organizations are likely to slip up, and consequently how to guide them to pay extra attention to those areas—so that by the end they can feel confident that every element of the overall procedure has been afforded due care and consideration.

Leading PPAP Training Group in Canada

PPAP training will give your organization the tools to successfully employ their own procedures for approving both new and revised component parts. The system is also applicable to production methods, although to a lesser degree, as methods will typically require fewer revisions, although production methods that have been radically changed can be similarly optimized by making use of PPAP training strategies.

As Canada’s leading option for pursuing PPAP qualification, we’re intimately familiar with the most common pitfalls businesses can fall into as they attempt to adapt to this new environment, and the wealth of experience we bring to the table is a large part of the reason we have such an extensive list of satisfied clients.

Why Choose The ISO Edge For PPAP Training?

The ISO Edge offers the best PPAP training there is to be had in Canada. We do this by firmly sticking to the philosophy that it’s better to teach a man to fish than it is to give him a fish. While we’re working with your organization’s leadership and key employees to identify potential problem areas and present solutions, we’re simultaneously telling them about what we’re doing so that at the end of the process, they don’t just emerge with a PPAP training certificate—they also have the knowledge and experience to apply each technique or strategy at the relevant point in time.

Ensuring an even level of consistency throughout the product approval process is vital to ensuring that your organization will have a foothold in the business market of tomorrow, and in the automotive and construction industries, nothing is so valuable as the reputation for performing reliably outstanding work, irrespective of how much component fabrication has been outsourced.

PPAP training courses with The ISO Edge involve an extensive discussion of the PPAP submission requirements, which number five categories in total, ranging from those warrants which are submitted to the customer right the way up to samples and relevant auxiliary data that will be made available for revision and review at the location where the supplier’s component parts are being fabricated. Only by keeping focus on the multi-faceted nature of today’s businesses can we ensure that the PPAP training we offer to our clients is the best of the best, and that’s a focus we work hard to keep constant every single day.

Feel free to reach out to us today if there’s anything else you’d like to learn about our PPAP training module. We’d love to explain anything that’s still unclear.

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