MSA Training

Who is the module for? How long will the module take? What are the objectives of the module?
  • Quality Engineers
  • Supplier Quality Engineers
  • Q.C. / Q.A. Technicians
  • Quality Managers
8 hours
  1. To simulate potential process weaknesses or lack of capability
  2. To practise measurement system studies
  3. To meet Customer Specific Requirements for launch and on-going production activities
  4. To demonstrate core competencies of multi-disciplinary design team for product launch and on-going production activities
  5. To meet competency requirements to conduct Supplier Quality Audits
  6. To prepare for taking Core Tool Assessment Exam


What is MSA Training?

MSA, which stands for Measurement Systems Analysis, is the name for a technique which involves repeating the same test multiple times, but varying the person and the equipment carrying out the experiment.

Unlike other kinds of analysis, the goal of MSA is not to identify flaws with the product/service, nor with the equipment used in the testing. The idea is to refine the method of measurement itself, with an end goal of ensuring that an organization can feel completely confident in their product characteristic inspection methods (QC).

MSA is only performed by manufacturing companies on their product inspection processes. As such, it doesn’t have a business process application. MSA training is a way to supplement your organization’s MSA needs with an experienced firm who know and understand the procedure, and can as such offer guaranteed insight into your group’s product characteristic inspection methods.

How does MSA Training work in Canada?

MSA training can take various forms across Canada, but we do things a little differently than most. Increasing efficiency is at the core of our MSA training service. Our goal is to ensure that we train your employees on MSA techniques as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Since we offer MSA training as a one-day module in our five-day APQP course, we’ve had the opportunity to refine our teaching methods in order to ensure every group gets what they need out of the experience.

Inspection Metrics:

It’s not enough to simply measure products and services. The measurement system itself needs to be analyzed regularly in order to make sure that it’s as streamlined as possible, as well as fitting into an overall quality management system.

Inspection metrics are a crucial part of measuring any kind of system, and they’re important even when the system you’re measuring is, itself, a method of measurement. Because we’re aware that it’s easy to get lost in the concept of MSA, we’ve developed our own methods of training employees which are based around breaking the subject down into smaller, more easily-understood structures.

Quality Controls:

Another main benefit of having your employees trained on MSA protocols is that you’ll have a better understanding of how to go about refining the quality controls your organization currently has in operation.

When we instruct groups of workers in our MSA training program, we make sure to pay equal attention to every aspect of the course. Since it’s such an important aspect of day-to-day work in the automotive industry, we work hard to keep improving our training methods. With each successful course we run, we learn a little bit more about how to improve for next time.

High-Quality Canadian MSA Training Group

MSA training is of tangible, long-term benefit to any business working in the automotive sector. With the current demands on the industry, quality is becoming even more important—and a large part of quality involves the mitigation of risk.

The point of MSA training is to both validate and improve an organization’s ability to be repeatable in their inspection techniques. By measuring the method of measurement itself, automotive companies can ensure reproducible results, which in turn works to insulate the company from potential future harm. Any business that comes on board with The ISO Edge’s MSA Training program will be that much closer to resting easy in the knowledge that their quality management systems are free from unnecessary risk.

Leading MSA Training Group in Canada

We’re one of the leading MSA training groups in Canada, which means we never stop pushing ourselves to create new ways of instructing our clients. Keeping that in mind, we like to give every worker who walks out of our course two main bases of knowledge.

The first is to do with MSA as a whole—this could be considered the theoretical level. There’s no point training people to do something if you don’t also teach them how that thing itself works, so we instruct every organization who works with us about what MSA is and what it isn’t.

The second thing each of our clients receives is the ability to come up with their own ideas for implementing the MSA techniques they learned at our course in their own workplace. The ideal person to design a way of measuring your group’s measurement protocols is somebody who is already familiar with how things work. That’s why training your employees is really a lot like investing into your own business: because the benefits are there to stay for the long-term.

Why Choose The ISO Edge For MSA Training?

The ISO Edge is the smart choice for MSA training. By balancing our MSA module with the other four modules which make up our APQP course, we’ve learned through experience what the best way of presenting the information is, and that is to give each module its own time and space, rather than trying to cram them all in together.

Efficiency is the key. We like to spend as much time on the basics as possible, since a solid comprehension of what’s going on in MSA at the lowest level is the only way to guarantee that the higher-level details will stick. We don’t rush things, but we don’t dawdle either. Each successful course we run will serve to improve its predecessor; and since we’re never satisfied with simply being adequate, constant improvement is both a priority and a need.

MSA Consulting

In addition to training your employees on MSA protocols through our program, The ISO Edge also offers another option for companies who may be looking for a quick, out-sourced fix to a problem they currently have with their measurement systems. This option is our MSA consulting service.

Rather than sending your employees to the MSA module in one of our APQP courses, by coming on board with our consulting team, you’ll be getting expert advice from professionals with years of experience in the area. This would be the ideal choice if you don’t have the time or labor to spend on the training course, and would instead prefer a simple, bespoke solution to a problem with your measurement systems. We’ll perform everything we’d train your employees to do, but it’s our experience that sets us apart, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that you’re getting some of the best MSA consultant advice in all of Canada.

If you’re interested in developing and implementing a comprehensive MSA process that will significantly impact your bottom line, contact us today! One of our expert team members will be more than happy to discuss your options for training and consulting with you.

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