Legal Compliance Auditing

What Is Legal Compliance Auditing?

A legal compliance audit is essentially a way to take stock of an organization’s operations and determine the extent to which those operations are compliant with the laws that govern it. This is a crucial practice to consider in the automotive and construction industries, especially when there are so many different regulatory bodies to take into account. The ISO Edge offers a legal compliance auditing service, by which we’ll be able to tell your business that what you’re doing is in line with the legislation laid out by the Province of Ontario’s Ministry of Labour or the Ministry of Environment.

There are a few different ways legal audits can be performed, but all of them require hitting a few different main areas in order to be thought of as fully comprehensive. The way we handle legal compliance auditing is unique to The ISO Edge, as it is a process that has been streamlined in order to make things as painless as possible for our clients.

How Does Legal Compliance Auditing Work in Canada?

The main purpose of a legal compliance audit carried out in the automotive or construction industry is to ensure that safety and/or environmental guidelines are being followed as they have been laid out in the relevant legislation. Attempting to do this kind of service on your own requires a huge amount of money, time, and labour—not to mention the fact that the people carrying out the audit itself need to be insured and accredited. Auditing for compliance with safety and/or environmental regulations is an especially important tool for the construction industry, where so much of the work goes on in potentially hazardous environments.

Accordingly, legislation has been developed in order to create boundaries, or limits, beyond which a workplace can’t go without being technically unsafe. We’ll be able to get in, analyze your current workplace safety measures, and then present you with a clear overview of what exactly is going on. We’ll then be able to handle the rest of the compliance audit from the ground up on our own, saving you time, energy, and capital in the long run.

The ISO Edge’s legal compliance auditing team have all been third party accredited, and are fully insured, meaning that for your organization, there’s no reason to go through the headache of checking out an auditing team’s credentials before signing them up to take on the work. We’ve performed dozens of legal compliance audits for the automotive and construction industry in the past, and a large part of how we’ve been able to help our satisfied customers has to do with how straightforward and comprehensive our auditing evaluation strategies are.

Why We’re One of Canada’s Favourite Legal Compliance Auditing Firms

Maybe the best way to think of the services The ISO Edge can offer when it comes to legal compliance auditing is as an act of due diligence being done on your organization’s behalf. With so much experience in the process and the industry as a whole, we understand what it takes to tick all of the myriad boxes required by compliance regulations, from the major points of interest right the way down to the most minor, detail-oriented issues.

There’s one main aspect to any legal compliance audit our highly-trained team will be carrying out on your organization’s practises. This involves a thorough investigation into the extent to which your group is committed to meeting legal and regulatory requirements. For example, what exactly a safe work environment means is set out in Part II of the Canada Labor Code, which covers occupational health and safety. Because we’ve had so much experience in the field, we’re confident that we know the regulations as set out in the legislation as well as anybody.

Leading Legal Compliance Auditing Service in Canada

Two of the main legal requirements that must be complied with working in Canada are Training and Awareness and Incident Reporting. Both of these areas must be adequately accounted for in order for your business to be completely legally compliant with the relevant regulations. The services we offer can be useful to corporations in any industry, on account of the in-depth training process our auditors undergo.

Even though every industry has its own particular challenges it has to face, legal compliance auditing is always going to be a beneficial measure you can take in order to save your organization as much time, labor, and capital as possible. While it’s much more often than not that corporations have their own legal departments, these offices can be swamped with other kinds of work. In particular, your in-house legal team is best suited to taking on those problems which only they can do, i.e. those which are specific to your company.

The big benefit The ISO Edge can offer in this regard is keeping the desks of your own teams as clear as possible. Because we’ve been doing this for so long, we’ve got compliance auditing honed down to a fine art. We’re now at the stage with our service that we can come right in, become familiar with your organization, and get to work right away. Why labor your workers with work they don’t have to do, when you could outsource it to us and save yourself a ton of time and money down the line?

Why Choose The ISO Edge for Legal Compliance Auditing?

We like keeping things organized, which is why when you come on board with The ISO Edge’s legal compliance auditing service, at the very start you’ll be presented with a list of specific objectives we’ll be looking at in particular, so that you can see for yourself the scope of our operation. Rather than keep our clients in the dark, we like to be thorough and up-front with everything at the very beginning, since that has proven time and time again to be the best way to ensure a minimum of miscommunication and wasted time in general for the clients we serve.

When you bring on The ISO Edge to conduct a legal compliance audit of your company’s practices, you’ll be paying for the breadth and depth of our knowledge as well as for the scope of the auditing procedures we carry out. Any correctly set-up audit must have a few different areas of particular interest, given that the regulations which governs practices in all kinds of businesses is so wide-ranging and extensive. Another large element that will be found in common with any properly performed audit is the definition of objectives at the outset. On the whole, we function as a high-powered due diligence service, adept at ensuring that your company is legally compliant with a minimum of fuss, hassle, and wasted effort.

If you’re interested in our legal auditing service and want to know more, get in touch with us today. One of our experienced team members will gladly walk you through anything that remains elusive.


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