Infrastructure Ontario Projects

What are Infrastructure Ontario Projects?

Construction projects in Ontario that make up the region’s infrastructure system are complicated, multi-stage endeavours that often require highly specific processes in order to comply with standards set by regulating bodies. Infrastructure itself can refer to any number of things, but most typically is used to talk about projects such as roads, public transport facilities, governmental construction projects, electrical grid work, and the like.

With more and more infrastructure projects being planned for Ontario, it’s more important now than ever to ensure that you’ll be able to meet guidelines for Quality as well as for Quality Management Systems. This is really its own area of expertise over and above the other aspects of these projects, and it’s by meeting Infrastructure Ontario requirements for these areas that The ISO Edge supports the construction companies doing such important work.

How do Infrastructure Ontario Projects work in Canada?

Infrastructure Ontario is, technically speaking, a Crown agency of the Province of Ontario. This group’s brief is to help the Ontario Government when it comes to creating modern solutions to infrastructure problems, as well as to maximize the value of public amenities construction projects and real estate.

Infrastructure Ontario projects require coordination across a range of fronts at the same time. For this reason, a cohesive plan of action is required which takes into account both a) all of the resources required to see the project through to fruition, and b) a reasonable and sustainable plan of use for said resources.

Both of these areas require strict compliance with Infrastructure Ontario’s guidelines for quality management systems. Infrastructure projects in Ontario essentially occur in three phases, each of which is familiar to The ISO Edge, whose consulting and training services are available across multiple sectors in the automotive and construction industries.

How We Can Help With Infrastructure Ontario Projects

The ISO Edge has a few main ways we can contribute to the success of an overall Infrastructure Ontario project. With extensive experience working with organizations on Design-Build projects, we’ve become intimately familiar with the Project Agreements that are used to govern them, and as such have been able to refine the assisting role we can play into three main areas:


We can offer consultancy services to construction and building organizations looking to optimize their projects in order to meet Infrastructure Ontario’s guidelines. What sets us apart from our competitors in this regard is the sheer volume of experience we can draw on—we know what works, we know what doesn’t, and we know how to get your project onto the right side of that line.

Our consulting service is perfect for when you have an upcoming project—or a current project in the works—and you need a comprehensive, precise, and easily-understood analysis of how you currently stand in relation to Infrastructure Ontario’s QMS guidelines. This can be an effective way to out-source a significant chunk of work, and our long list of satisfied clients serves as a guarantee that the job will be done accurately the first time around. With large-scale construction projects, missed deadlines have a tendency to snowball, which is why we go to such great lengths to ensure that what we provide is always schedule-appropriate, effectively saving your organization one more detail-related headache. In this manner, our consulting service frees you up to spend more time and energy on other aspects of the project, which in the long-term contributes to savings in both labour and capital, since there’s a guarantee of no unwelcome surprises.

Training / Workshops

The ISO Edge also offers training on the ins and outs of how Infrastructure Ontario handles quality and quality management systems. One great way to engage with us on this front is to take advantage of the QMS training courses, as well as the workshops we offer for companies who work in the construction industry.

While our training courses focus largely on in-class tuition and explanation (although we are also currently developing a range of online educational services), our workshops are actually customized to meet the precise needs of your organization. We’ll design a program that will help your employees get to grips with exactly what they need to get to grips with, essentially saving your business time and money in the long run as you won’t need to shop around at different courses, complicating everything even more.


The third main way we can assist building companies to integrate Infrastructure Ontario’s project guidelines is by working as an auditing service. We can act as Independent Quality Auditors / External Quality Auditors as required and will be able to offer an in-depth review of how your business is currently following the necessary standards for QMS design, development, and implementation.

We operate a niche auditing service that is driven by Infrastructure Ontario’s own requirements, which means that it’s responsive to the industry, as well as flexible enough to cope with any new developments, should they arise. Auditing in this manner is one of the most important services we offer and will be of particular appeal to groups who want to get a top-down understanding of how they’re currently implementing quality management systems.

Why We’re One Of The Leading Infrastructure Ontario Projects Support Groups in Canada

A large part of the reason we’ve been able to gather so many satisfied clients is the breadth of the services we offer with regards to Infrastructure Ontario projects. With the potential to offer three different kinds of support, we’re flexible enough to handle any situation. From a top-down reboot of the entire quality management system to an instructive audit to show you how things currently stand, we can offer enough support that any needs you have with regards to Infrastructure Ontario’s QMS guidelines are guaranteed to be met.

The ISO Edge regularly updates our own training, consulting, and auditing schemes in order to stay up-to-date with industry-standard guidelines. We only make use of proven best-practice techniques and methods in all of the services we provide, which helps us to stand out as the sophisticated choice for Infrastructure Ontario project support.