Health & Safety Management Systems Consulting


What is Health & Safety Management Systems Consulting?

Health & Safety Management Systems consulting is a way of getting any given organization to insulate themselves from risk in the future by conforming with current industry-standard Health & Safety Management Systems requirements. Quite apart from the fact that any workplace injuries are going to be traumatic for the injured party, their peers, and company morale as a whole, personal injury lawsuit claims can run into the hundreds of thousands.

If your organization isn’t correctly set-up to implement the most recent changes, you’re leaving yourself open to a potentially enormous cost. One of the best ways to safeguard yourself against this happening is by implementing a Health & Safety Management System, such as those based on ISO 45001.

How does Health & Safety Management Systems Consulting work in Canada?

There is a large collection of requirements, standards, tools, and techniques which differ across the regulating authorities. International, Federal, Provincial, and Industry-specific regulations all need to be considered and adopted by your organization in order to ensure every box has been ticked.

Our consulting practice involves the theoretical aspect of all of these disparate areas of legislation, while the supplementary training courses we offer are a great way for you to train your workforce in the relevant areas, as such ensuring long-term benefit to your company.

Health & Safety Management Systems Consulting Group

Our Health & Safety Management Systems consulting team is the reason The ISO Edge is one of the leading Health & Safety Management Systems consulting group in all of Canada. A large part of our success is down to the sheer volume of relevant experience each member brings to the table—our consultants are the reason we’ve been able to help so many clients implement Health & Safety Management Systems with such a high success rate.

Our consultants and trainers all meet government as well as industry-standard levels of competence, and every single one has the relevant industry experience that can guarantee your organization gets the most out of our consulting and training services as possible.

A Leading Health & Safety Management Systems Consulting Group in Canada

Making use of highly experienced professionals whose entire business it is to know the Health & Safety Management Systems world inside and out, Health & Safety Management Systems consulting services, such as those offered by The ISO Edge, are designed to get your organization up to speed with exactly what it needs to know in terms of Health & Safety Management Systems, without going over the top and wasting your time and energy with knowledge that isn’t relevant to your day-to-day business life.

There are a number of different ways our Health & Safety Management Systems consultants can help you improve the quality and quantity of the safety practises in operation in your workplace. Here are a few examples of the way implementing Health & Safety Management Systems can help keep your company up to speed with the latest requirements as laid out in ISO 45001.


Being compliant with your industry’s applicable regulations is the only surefire way to prevent yourself from facing the worst consequences possible in the unfortunate event of any kind of accident. Compliance, though, is a bureaucratic minefield, filled with red-tape, obtuse protocols and procedures, and long, overcomplicated chains of command which serve to hinder your organization’s progress rather than help it.

Our Health & Safety Management Systems consultants are experts at reducing the vast topic of compliance to its key constituent parts, so that after you’ve made use of our services you can continue to focus on your other business needs, secure in the knowledge that your compliance requirements are being well looked after by your Health & Safety Management Systems.

The ISO Edge can also support your Health and Safety Management System with our Safety Compliance Auditing services.

Why Choose The ISO Edge for Health & Safety Management Systems Consulting?

At The ISO Edge, what sets us apart is our refusal to consider businesses part-by-part. We prefer a holistic approach, which looks at the manner in which the organization functions as a whole, and attempts to draw meaningful and reasonable conclusions about the ways in which your entire group could be improved.

Our method of helping you to implement an ISO 45001 Health & Safety Management System involves a few steps, each of which has been designed to make the overall process as beneficial to your group as possible. We first start out by conducting a thorough analysis of the way your organization currently handles safety, after which we decide on what the best way of helping you implement a Health & Safety Management System (or modify old ones) is.

You’ll have a large say as to how the plan finally ends up looking because no matter how deeply we may look into your company, nobody knows your organization as well as you do. After a plan of Health & Safety Management Systems progress has been drawn up, it’s time to get in touch with leadership, as well as other employees who are in influential positions within the overall chain of command, and start to clarify any questions these parties may have about the Health & Safety Management Systems consulting process we’ve been working through together.

Once the consulting service is concluded, we’ll continue to provide post-service support, designed to help you out through those first few weeks/months when the learning curve is at its steepest. While we don’t anticipate that you’ll need much of a helping hand after we’ve been through the explanation part of proceedings already, sometimes things can continue to throw up issues long after they’ve been well understood, which is why the post-project support stage of our Health & Safety Management Systems consulting service is so important.


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