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The ISO Edge has been delivering expertise in the development and implementation of streamlined management systems to a wide variety of industries. These systems meet the unique needs of organizations as diverse as the following:

The services we offer to support companies across these industries fall into three main headings: Consulting, Auditing, and Training for both ISO 9001 and ISO 9004. Keep reading to find out more about these categories and the types of specific services we offer through each.

Business Process Management Consulting

Investing in the help of Business Process Management Consultants is a critical decision for any company that wishes to remain competitive in Canada’s rapidly-changing business landscape. Customer expectations of companies that produce products or deliver services have also continued to grow, adding to the necessity of maintaining a competitive advantage above other businesses.

Making sure you stay up to date with the latest advancements in process and procedural optimization is absolutely necessary for doing so. However, this can be incredibly hard to do nowadays. That’s where The ISO Edge comes in. Our ISO 9001/9004 Business Process Management Consulting services can help you stay ahead of your competitors. We’ll cut through the white noise in order to help keep you focused on which processes and workflow improvements will provide your business with the most tangible benefits. Additionally, we’ll help you improve how these processes are integrated into your workflow.

Our ISO Consultants can also help you identify which new processes are worthwhile to include at the conceptual level. The essence of our Business Process Management Consulting service is anchored in the idea that we can refine your business’s overall day-to-day operations by cutting out any unnecessary waste such as capital, labour, or time—which can all be needlessly lost to unforeseen errors. This is done by providing guidance in regards to identifying new business strategies, as well as the implementation or optimization of existing business process management techniques and processes.
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Strategic Initiative Consulting

In order to keep pace with industry evolutions in recent years, we highly recommend you consider investing in Strategic Initiative Consulting. It can best be described as a means of further refining how different departments within your business or organization work together on a variety of things. This includes achieving company-wide and project-specific goals, which takes place in a few different phases—something our Business Consultants can guide you through one at a time through our Strategic Initiative Consulting services.

By taking advantage of cutting-edge developments in business streamlining strategies, we can help you whittle down your procedural processes to their most efficient minimum needed to function at the optimal level. Conversely, we can help you design and implement new procedural processes that align better with your business strategy. Through either method, we aim to position your organization for sustainable growth.

The first stage of our Strategic Initiative Consulting services happens as a result of a close collaboration between your organization’s leadership and our Business Consultants. Essentially, we use this as an opportunity to conduct a thorough analysis of your business’s daily operations without brushing any potential issues under the rug. Instead, we aim to highlight them so that we can determine intuitive, sustainable ways to improve them within the next few stages of Strategic Initiative Consulting.

These next stages include detailed planning and creative concept work. This also includes establishing practical solutions for problems that already exist within your business’s workflow as well as problems that might arise in the future.

Management Systems Consulting

Without a detailed assessment carried out by Management Systems Consultants, there’s no way to adequately account for or plan around the quality of a management system currently in place. The ISO Edge provides Management Systems Consulting services that utilize an expertly thorough understanding of relevant ISO documents—which are well-known for being highly technical and difficult to comprehend. Our highly experienced team of ISO Consultants can guide your business through the process of improving or completely reworking management systems.

Sustainability is at the center of our ideology and is a mentality that we carry through every management system that we consult on. This ensures that any process or procedure that we work on will not only function sustainably in the present but so that they can adapt to any unforeseeable future demands. The robustness and flexibility of our ISO Consultants’ assessments guarantee this.

Radically overhauling the quality of any given management system is too much to ask of your organization and its personnel. That’s where The ISO Edge comes in. Through our Management Systems Consulting services, we can thoroughly evaluate all of the factors that you simply don’t have the time to. This will allow you and your employees to focus on the more high-level details of running the business and its projects.


Part of the services we offer at The ISO Edge is training in order to increase the value of your current workforce. Our ISO 9001 training services utilize a variety of methods in order to ensure that your workforce is receiving the best education possible. Typically, our training schemes largely focus on the theoretical aspects of ISO conformance. As a result, this means our training courses are mostly comprised of in-class education on the proper techniques and skills required.

Through our training, you are not only expanding your workforce’s skillset but you are also ensuring that they are up to date on the nitty-gritty details of ISO 9001. This will provide the opportunity for your workforce to receive the proper training so that they understand what it means to be conformant with all of the various requirements within your industry. By doing so, you can establish a baseline for what it means to conform to industry-standard guidelines for a wide variety of management systems.
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The final service that we provide here at The ISO Edge is auditing. Essentially, our auditing services are the most effective way of taking a thorough look into your business’s processes and how your current management systems have been implemented. We have years of auditing experience under our belts, which has allowed for us to hone the entire auditing process into a fine art. We do so by focusing on a top-down approach to our audits. This means we are able to cut out any unnecessary wastage of time and money for you—making this particular service worth the investment.
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