Work Area Protection Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7

This one-day session focuses on the specific strategies in O Reg 213/91 and OTM Book 7 to ensure that first responders, motorists (road-users), Public (pedestrians & cyclists), workers, and equipment are all protected in temporary traffic zones.

Designed for personnel in construction, road maintenance, communication and any other personnel who perform work along roadways, this course informs participants how to effectively move road-users through or around temporary traffic zones. Anyone who works on or beside the roadway, or is involved with these persons, must be trained.

WAP / Book 7 training is non-transferable from one employer to another.

Although there is no legislated re-training time-frame, annual or biennial re-training can be a demonstration of due-diligence.

Who should Attend this Course?

  1. Roadway workers
  2. Supervisors of Roadway Workers
  3. Administrative Planning/Coordinating Roadway Operations Personnel
  4. Loss Prevention & Security/Investigative Personnel
  5. Occupational/Joint Health & Safety Personnel





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