Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG) is Federal Legislation that outlines how hazardous materials are transported. This one-day session focuses on transportation by road. Supplementary modules for transportation by rail and water (marine) can be available.

The purpose of the TDG Act & Regulations is to promote public safety when dangerous goods are being handled, offered for transport or transported by road, rail, air, or water (marine). TDG Regulations are a set of rules that prescribe safety standards and shipping requirements for thousands of different dangerous goods. The Regulations also provide a means of communicating the nature and level of hazard and risk associated with these dangerous goods to handlers, emergency responders and the general public.

TDG training by road, rail and water (marine) is valid for 36-months and is non-transferable from one employer to another.

Anyone who handles (ships, transports, and receives) dangerous goods by road, rail, air, or water (marine) must be trained in TDG.

Who Should Attend this Training?

  1. Supervisors in TDG Operations
  2. Handlers in TDG Operations
  3. Administrative Personnel in TDG Operations
  4. Loss Prevention & Security/Investigative Personnel
  5. Occupational/Joint Health & Safety Personnel



$1289.00 per group session


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* Delivered in-person. Minimum attendance of 5 to a maximum of 15 per session.

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