Statistical Process Control (SPC)

This one-day session involves the use of mathematical and statistical methods in order to devise the best way to manage the various processes that any given organization is likely to use in the day-to-day management of their production area. The focus of this session is to apply statistics in order to simulate potential process weaknesses or lack of capability in order to meet applicable customer specific requirements.

This session is appropriate for both beginners and seasoned practitioners requiring a calibration of their knowledge.

Who Should Attend this Training?

  1. Process Engineers
  2. Quality Engineers
  3. Supplier Quality Engineers
  4. Q.C./Q.A. Technicians
  5. Quality Managers
  6. Production Managers

What’s Covered?

Module 1

What is SPC?

Module 2

Types of Data

Module 3

Process Variation

Module 4

Process Control and Capability

Module 5

Control Charts





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