Problem Solving

This one day session provides a full overview of a disciplined problem solving methodology utilizing the popular “8D” approach but with a twist. We have added our Discipline 5 – Making the Decision.

Participants will gain an understanding of a proven problem solving process along with exposure to tools and skills for establishing root cause and decision-making.

When held in-house, session can include a review of company or customer designated formats for problem solving and root cause analysis such as 8D, Drill Deep and Wide, 3L5W, etc.

Who Should Attend this Training?

  1. Management and Leadership Personnel
  2. Quality Management Personnel
  3. Operational Personnel from all disciplines (e.g. Sales, Engineering, Project Management, Quality, Production, Purchasing etc.)

Topics Include:

  • Background of Structured Problem Solving: When to use a disciplined approach
  • Discipline 1 – Establish a Team: The impetus for using a cross-functional team
  • Discipline 2 – Describe the Problem: Don’t become successful at solving the wrong problem
  • Discipline 3 – Implementing Containment Action: Not the permanent solution
  • Discipline 4 – Finding Root Cause
  • Introduction to the 7 Tools of Quality
  • Discipline 5 – Making the Decision: The organizational aspects of solving the root cause
  • Discipline 6 – Implementing Corrective Action: Managing the changes
  • Discipline 7 – Validate Corrective Action: How to ensure solving one problem doesn’t cause another
  • Discipline 8 – Prevent Recurrence: Taking the lessons learned to Quality Planning and subsequent programs/processes
  • Discipline 9 – Congratulate the Team





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