IMS Internal Auditing

An Integrated Management System is a management system that has been built to comply with one or more International Standards or sets of requirements (i.e. ISO, Regulatory, Customer, Industry etc.).

PAS99:2012 defines an Integrated Management System as a “management system that integrates multiple aspects of an organization’s systems and processes to one complete framework, enabling an organization to meet the requirements of more than one management system standard.”

Regardless of how you define it, an Integrated Management System typically will address requirements for Quality Management, Health & Safety Management and/or Environmental Management through one system that is centrally designed and managed.”

Traditionally, organizations have created each of their management systems independently and have managed and administered them through separate disciplines. This included each discipline’s own team of Internal Auditors. With increasing regularity, organizations are recognizing the benefits in integrating their management systems including their resources such as Internal Auditors.”

The ISO Edge’s Integrated Management System Internal Auditor training focuses on teaching auditors how to audit either an existing integrated management system or to take an integrated approach to auditing multiple management systems within their organization, utilizing a process and risk based approach.”

Who Should Attend this Training?

  1. New Internal Auditors
  2. Existing Internal Auditors
  3. Management Representatives
  4. Anybody looking to learn about Integrated Management Systems

What’s Covered?

Module 1

The Integrated Management System

Module 2

Quality Management Basics

Module 3

Environmental Management Basics

Module 4

Occupational Health & Safety Management Basics

Module 5

Common Terminology

Module 6

Process Defined

Module 7

Auditing Basics

Module 8

Audit Planning

Module 9

Audit Preparation

Module 10

Audit Performance – The Basics

Module 11

Audit Performance – Audit Evidence

Module 12

Audit Performance – Interviewing

Module 13

Audit Review – Audit Findings

Module 14

Audit Review – Audit Reports





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