Advanced Product Quality Planning (APQP)

This half-day session focuses on understanding the framework within which new products are developed and manufactured for use in the automotive industry. APQP is a multi-stage process that provides guidance at every step in order to help guarantee that every product manufactured and its related processes are as intuitive, economical, and sustainable as possible.

This session presents the concept of APQP as a way to pre-plan and control variables within your organization’s supply chain, essentially offering APQP as an opportunity to trouble-shoot potential problem areas at the conceptual stage as opposed to the manufacturing stage. It will also ensure that Leadership understands the expectations and resources required to truly achieve the value that an APQP framework can offer.

This session is appropriate for both beginners and seasoned practitioners requiring a calibration of their knowledge.

Who Should Attend this Course?

  1. General Managers
  2. Plant Managers
  3. Sales
  4. Project/Program Managers
  5. Production Managers
  6. Purchasing Managers
  7. Materials Managers
  8. Quality Managers
  9. Q.C. / Q.A. Technicians
  10. Quality Engineers
  11. Product Design Engineers
  12. Process Engineers
  13. Supplier Quality Engineers

What’s Covered?

Module 1

What is APQP?

Module 2

Product Planning





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