The ISO Edge History


The ISO Edge was founded in April of 2002 as a partnership between two like-minded individuals who were both, some would say, high-energy, somewhat off-the-wall and totally passionate about the value that Management Systems bring to an organization. Lisa Velanoff came from the Certification Body side where she was both a leader and a specialist while John Byrnes came from industry where he was the Director of Quality for a major security services firm. As partners, the vision for a consulting, training and auditing firm that could represent all viewpoints became clear and The ISO Edge was born.

Historically, management system consulting firms have been independent, owner operated businesses that typically provide canned systems rooted in the legacy of the nuclear or the military industry. There was little or no personality in these systems and they were limited by the inability of the organization and its leaders to align them with their operations; preventing successful long-term implementation with employee understanding and acceptance.

The gap created by this traditional model became even more pronounced with the release of the third revision of ISO 9001 in the year 2000 as the industry moved to the “process approach” as the basis for management systems. As management system consultants, the ISO Edge fills this gap. We believe that there is an opportunity to provide organizations with an edge in implementing management systems that will drive strategic vision while also meeting requirements.

The ISO Edge’s business model is based on the following three fundamental differences from traditional management system consultants and consulting firms:


1. Sustainable Systems

We create sustainable systems for clients by ensuring that they are customized to their organization; are built to their needs, their culture, their strategic vision and their people.


2. Value

We create value for Customers/Stakeholders/Interested Parties by ensuring that their needs are paramount in the management system.


3. Support

We provide on-going support, expertise and education to the people who manage and lead the management system as their strategic partner in its continual evolution.



Our mission is to inspire, educate, and enable leadership to achieve the strategic initiatives within their organizations through the implementation, improvement and integration of management systems.


We at The ISO Edge envision organizations that grow and prosper on a foundation of management systems that sustainably support their individual strategic visions.


1. Integrity

2. Creativity

3. Effectible

4. Growth and

5. Having Fun!


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